2018-04-17 08:14:46

"Fizjoterapia Ambulatoryjna" w Szpitalu "Góka"

Szpital "Górka" zaprasza na zabiegi realizowane w ramach FIZJOTERAPII AMBULATORYJNEJ!


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The offered

The offered medical service.

The approach to the patients with cerebral palsy is very complex. In the process of rehabilitation we use one of the individual selected world recognised method prooved in rehabilitation of cerebral palsied children (NDT, Bobath). Busko Zdrój (Spa) is well known in Poland and in the world as famous health resort using in process of treatment natural resources like as sulphide water. In our hospital we add to the kinesytherapy the baths in sulphide water, cryotherapy and exercises in swimming pool for all our patients- with cerebral palsy and after orthopaedic operations. We observe very good results ,especially, in our spastic patients after this kind of therapy ( reduction of the muscle spasticity).

The patients are under permanent supervision of the specialised staff of doctors ( specialists in orthopaedic surgery, medical rehabilitation,anaesthesiology,pediatrics), physiotherapists,nurses. To the staff belong psychologist, speech therapists and occupational therapists as well.

In case of needed surgical interventions, existed joint contractures and other deformities which makes the rehabilitation inefficient we can perform all surgical procedures from the field of pediatrics orthopaedic . Especially very rich experience we achieved in the surgical treatment of the patients with cerebral palsy and pathological and congenital hip dislocation. We perform full range of the orthopaedic surgical procedures- removing of the joint contractures, lenghtening and transposition of the tendons and muscles, lenghtening of the shortened legs, correction of deviated axis of the lower limbs (varus or valgus). We treat scoliosis patients ( exercises, braces, surgical treatment). We operate on patients with chest deformities, hip luxations, congenital deformities of the feet. In the treatment of cereblar palsied childern we use botulinum toxin (Dysport) as well.

To better serve our patients and their parents we run in the hospital so called "School for parents", in which the parents and the volunteers engaged in the care on disabled children can deepen their knowledge about rehabilitation of these patients and use it at home.

The parents of the children treated in our hospital can accompany their children in the all activities taking place during the day. The hospital can not assure the overnight stay for the parents in the hospital building. Usually the parents rent the appartments, which are very easy to access in many small pensions and hotels around the hospital.

Very important part in the hospital structure plays the school. Thanks well prepared programme in this school can learn as well the pupils from normal primary and secondary schools as the pupils with moderate and severe mental retardation . The small children can take part in the activities of the hospital kindergarten.

Our hospital close cooperates with the orthopaedic department in the Karolinska Hospital in Sweden, we keep contacts with similar hospitals in Poland, Germany and United States. In the past we organised some international conferences devoted of modern methods of rehabilitation of disabled children . Thanks our high specialised staff, rich experience gained on the field of pediatrics orthopaedic and steady kept medical contacts in Poland and abroad we achieved very high standard of offered service.